How to get ecto tokens

Quest needed to access this area is Priest in. Ecto-tokens are the currency of Port Phasmatys. Players need two of them to purchase access to.

How to get ecto tokens

Obtain some bones, pots and buckets. Bones can be obtained by either buying them on G. Questions & Money Making: hey guys call me dumb, but whats the process for getting ecto tokens again?

I have not done Ghosts Ahoy and do not really want to. How to get ecto-tokens on runescape. Fill your inventory with nine buckets, nine pots, and nine bones. Go upstairs and grind the bones into the pots so that you now.

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You go upstairs and grind the bones. Utilizing the Cooking gauntlets, the. Level 15 in RuneScape Angling permits Anchovies to be captured together with shrimp. These are simply gimmicks by persons to steal your info and realities for their helpful use. Ways To Get Ecto Tokens In Runescape. After worshiping at the Ectofunctus, talk to one of the ghost disciples to receive your tokens.

Osrs how to get ecto tokens stream video download. Runescape how to get ecto tokens guide full hd stream video download. To use the Ectofuntus you need to have started the quest Ghosts Ahoy. To get into Port Phasmatys, you will need to pay the guards in ecto-tokens.

To make ecto-tokens, bring pots, buckets, and any type of bones to the Ectofuntus.