King lathas chest

King Lathas is the king of the eastern part of Ardougne. Oldschool Runescape elite clue scroll guide challenge scroll from Sherlock steal from king lathas chest -72. Fortunately this video was very fun to edit! Big Mo can be found underneath the White Wolf. Go to either side (left or right) and use. Enchanted key, Chest, Journal (Drozal), Scroll (Making History), Letter (Jorral). Caleta, Musica, Noticias, videos, conciertos, entretenimiento, artista, liricas, cine, animes, juegos, webs.

TibiaGroup,Noticias ,Tutoriales,Quest,Concursos,Task,musica,Tibia Group, tibiagroup. Bitrate: 256kbps Likes: 5,632 Downloaded: 18,248 Played: 25. Osrs steal from king lathas chest elite clue scroll help. Reward: Shark, adamantite ore and 1k, and also 2. NOTE: this can only be completed if you. De kamer die naar veel Paladins en Lathas chest leid. While she is playing with the cat, sneak in and open the chest. OSRS-his bark is worse than his bite Elite Clue Scroll Help.

Right click the door or chest and you will get the option to Pick-lock the door. Thankfully, you never have to deal with her in the actual crypts by the loot chest. King lathas training camp shopkeeper now has the original RSC prices. Added quick bank for shantay chest bank.

The blood chest (level 59 thieving required) can also be found in here. Gnome Stronghold, 300 Coins, Earth rune, King worm.