In rheology, shear thinning is the non-Newtonian behavior of fluids whose viscosity decreases under shear strain. It is sometimes considered synonymous for pseudoplastic behaviour, and is. A familiar example of the opposite, a shear thinning fluid, or pseudoplastic fluid, is wall paint: The paint should flow readily off the brush when it is. Rheology_of_time_independent_fluids. Shear thinningpedia","rh":"en. Non-Newtonian fluids – Maths Careers","rh":"mathscareers. Een andere afbeelding meldenMeld de aanstootgevende afbeelding. Define pseudoplastic: lacking the capacity for major modification or evolutionary differentiation compare euryplastic stenoplastic.

Find out information about pseudoplastic fluid. A fluid whose apparent viscosity or consistency decreases instantaneously with. Classification of non-Newtonian fluids. Many mathematical models are available to describe the nonlinear "shear-stress vs deformation-rate" relationship of non.

Whose viscosity decreases as shear stress increases (as with paint and ketchup, for example). At higher velocity gradients, if the shearing force increases less than proportionally, it is called pseudo-plastic. Viscosity changes when the shear rate changes. The Reynolds equation related to the Newtonian c. A complex non-Newtonian fluid without thixotrophy. Flow starts with pressure but apparent viscosity decreases. THE most common type of non-Newtonian fluid is the pseudoplastic fluid. Experimental results are presented for two complex fluids, a pseudoplastic shear-thinning xanthan gum solution and an elastoviscoplastic invert-emulsion.

Pseudo-Plastic Fluids: shear-thinning.