Spss merge files with duplicates

How to merge two SPSS files, one containing duplicate records and the other without duplicates. Why not try add cases instead of add variables ? Id with the same date it should work OK with the. Merging Files That Do Not Have Duplicate Keyed Records. Then sort each file in ascending order on the index key. Combining information from duplicate cases into one case. You should find examples in the Help files. IBM SPSS Statistics Command Syntax Reference guide. Select the dataset or external SPSS Statistics data file to merge with the.

Using Merge Files you can combine two data files. SPSS can handle duplicate file names, but it makes the merging process more complicated for you. SPSS Match Files is mostly used for merging data holding the same. MATCH FILES with one FILE (with duplicates) and one. Multiple cases represent the same case but with different values for variables other. Identify Duplicate Cases allows you to define duplicate almost any way that. Merge secondary record with all duplicate primary records – this option will.

If the other file is open in SPSS you may select it from the box under “An open dataset. I needed to remove duplicates for the merge to work properly. Using SPSS to merge files (i.e., to add variables) is very useful. If you have duplicates in the dataset, be sure to aggregate the file such that one row represents. First, the data is imported into SPSS from an Excel worksheet. Watch the video demonstration – Merging in SPSS.

SPSS and from the Data menu choose Sort.