Spss recode multiple variables into one

Recode into Same Variables" Feature in SPSS – Duration: 8:27. Is it possible, if more than one choice is indicated , for the. Data Collection Survey Reporter will therefore insert an autobase into the new variable.

Spss recode multiple variables into one

Recoding multiple variables into one new variable. Further to what has been written, for technical assistance in SPSS. SPSS offers two choices under the recode command: Into Same Variable and Into Different Variables. The command Into Same Variable replaces existing data. Choose Transform, Recode, Into Different Variables.

Put the variable you want to recode in the Input Variable. Also, you can recode multiple variables into. Recode the values of the variable by coding one category as a “1” and the. Name: This is the name which SPSS identifies the variable by.

We use the recode into same variable or recode into different variableoptions. Below, I have selected the variable in SPSS, but this is just to show you. Either you can recode into the same. Recode is used to change the values of one variable into other values.

Spss recode multiple variables into one

Set Question, change the Question Type to Pick One – Multi. How to recode variables in SPSS Statistics, specifically, recoding single values. One way is to use the number function with the compute command. With SPSS you can perform data transformation ranging from simple tasks.

From the data sheet, Click Transform, Recode, Into Different Variables. Scoot one of the continuous variables into the Numeric. Move across any additional variables that will be re-coded in the same manner and.

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