Hierdoor is het mogelijk om in een visueelveld te zien dat. Answer: Roughly, you can think of stereopsis as depth perception. Origin of stereopsisModL: see stereo- and amp; -opsis.


STEREOPSIS meaning – STEREOPSIS definition – STEREOPSIS. Looking for online definition of stereopsis in the Medical Dictionary? Meaning, pronunciation, example sentences, and more from Oxford Dictionaries. PURPOSE: To examine stereopsis in myopic refractive surgery patients undergoing sequential bilateral and unilateral treatment.


Even the possession of frontal vision (intersecting visual axes) probably does not guarantee stereopsis.

Stereopsis and amblyopia: A mini-review. True frontal eyes are not required for stereopsis. We manipulate the mean luminance seen by. This is stereopsis and its sole basis is the horizontal disparity between the two.

Wikipedia has an article on: stereopsis. The computations involved in stereopsis, however, are very challenging because of the difficulty in determining binocular correspondence:. Depth perception based on binocular disparities. Tests of stereopsis have many uses in ophthalmic practice.

Key words: amblyopia, binocular vision, refractive error, stereopsis, strabismus. The right eye image is cyan (blue-green) and the. Defective stereopsis in the elderly imposes no significant adverse effect on vision-related quality of life. We investigated the effects of short-term. New Latin, from stere- + Greek opsis vision, appearance — more at optic. David Kane, Phillip Guan and Martin S. Monocular transparency and unpaired stereopsis. Three common kinds of stimuli used for measuring stereopsis: 1) dots & lines (“local” targets). First experiments used these, still used for basic stereo testing.

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