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Clear the query arguments for related products so none show. Please add the code below in your functions. Beginner Running theme: Shopping child theme of Omega WordPress 4. Disable related products completely. Up-sell and promote other products your customers may like based on. Both of these pieces of code from the woocommerce documentation should remove the display of related products on single product pages. Avada Theme woocommerce template removed the default hook for the “woocommerce_after_single_product_summary” and add thier. Many store owners find that removing the "related. Select sidebar position or disable sidebar for Product pages.

If you want to remove woocommerce related products programmatically in WordPress then add that following code in your functions. Can this product remove related products from my product s? Remove related products from after single product hook. Initially, I thought that the solution of these related challenges was to edit. I will now demonstrate how to remove this button from product detail. Related Products module from your store. Customizing Woocommerce related products output is very easy, paste the following code to functions. Add the following code at the end of your functions.

Spring naar Products – Want to remove the orderby dropdown for products? How would you move the related products section to underneath the product image and. Learn to remove the image from the "You might also like. Thanks, working, I check the Woo-forum to find out how to disable related products for some.

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