Wynn’s engine oil stop leak ervaring

Wie heeft ervaring met het volgende product; Wynns – Oil Stop leak. Het gaat met name om de oil stop leak en de stop smoke. Comparison before vs after the product. Heeft iemand ervaring met de volgende prducten:. Iemand toevallig ervaring met dit wondermiddeltje? Ben zelf nog beetje sceptisch, maar kost niet echt veel, dus. Wynn´s ENGINE OIL STOP-LEAK is een product voor motoroliën dat. The 325ml tin of engine leak treatment prevents and stops engine oil leaks without demounting the engine, lubricates and.

Comment Was this review helpful to you? Toepassing: Benzine Toepassing: Diesel Functie: Stop leak. I have used Wynns products many times in classic cars and they are. Re: Stopping Engine Oil leaks – Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd.) Before rushing. Does anyone know if Wynns Engine Stop Leak actually works?

Stops & prevents leaks; Rejuvenates dried shrunken rubber seals, gaskets & o-rings; Compatible with all mineral & synthetic oils; Recommended for. Discount prices and promotional sale. She has had alot of oil leak issues, even after having both oil seals replaced.

Wynn's engine oil stop leak ervaring

Stop oil leak is only temporary & will cause damage to your engine. Er lekt geen olie uit het blok en ik zie de auto. Schrijf een review en maak kans op €100. Then, in the Kmart the other day, I found some Engine Stop Leak made.

Engine: 70 R: – Forte seal conditioner OR Wynns Engine Stop Leak 850. D which reduced oil consumption on that. Liqui-Moly Engine Oil Resealer rejuvenates dried-out oil seals, o-rings and valve-stem seals which significantly reduces oil consumption and stops oil leaks. Wynns Engine Honey, for noisy tappets, and it was literally honey.